Middle Back Pain symptoms Causes

What causes back pain in the middle?

  1. Poor postureMiddle back pain can be caused by repeated pressure on the spine. This pressure might be caused by improper posture in some circumstances. When you slouch, your back muscles and ligaments have to work extra hard to keep you balanced. Aches and middle back pain might result from overworking these muscles.
  2. Obesity       

A meta-analysis of 95 papers on obesity and lower back pain also found a link between  obesity and back pain. Back pain becomes more likely as one’s weight rises.

  1. Sprain or strain of a muscle  

Ligament sprains occur when ligaments are torn or stretched. Strains occur when muscles and  tendons rupture or stretch. Lifting heavy goods on a regular basis, especially without proper form, can easily sprain or strain a person’s back. Sprains and strains can also arise as a result of a clumsy or abrupt movement.

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