Struggle To Get A Good Night’s Sleep? Follow These Top Tips For Better Slumber

If you suffer from frequent sleepless nights, you might feel that spending a night in the “arms of Morpheus” is an impossible dream. However, achieving sound sleep is more within your grasp than you might imagine.

Here are some tips to give you a better night’s sleep. Pay particular attention to number 7; it might even help you lose some weight.

1-Avoid Sleep-Interfering Chemicals


Many people enjoy foods and drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and other chemicals that can interfere with their sleep.

Rather than feeling tired and drifting off to sleep, these chemicals can stimulate you, making it challenging to rest.

If you consume any of these close to bedtime, you’ll likely find it both harder to get to sleep and to stay asleep. Therefore, avoid these chemicals well before you sleep, and have your last cup of coffee before 2 pm.


2-Create a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom

The best environment for a good night’s sleep is one that is cool, dark, and quiet. Why else do you think bats congregate in caves for their sleep?

If you haven’t got this perfect sleeping environment, you can do some things to achieve it. For instance, use light-blocking curtains, insulate your bedroom from noise, or use earbuds, and turn the heating down to around 60 to 75°F. Also, ensure you keep any pets out of the bedroom – they will create noise and raise the temperature.

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