How to keep skin hydrated in winter

To keep your skin hydrated in winter, you can follow the following tips and incorporate the following into your daily routine:

Showers not very hot and not very long
While it may be tempting to shower in very hot water and take a long time to warm up, this is not good for your skin. The reason is that this favors the destruction of the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Use moisturizing cleaning products
Instead of using drying gels and soaps, use moisturizing products, both in the shower and when washing hands and washing the face. There are special products such as body cleansers or bath oils rich in fatty acids or other vegetable oils to strengthen and protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

Use moisturizer several times a day
The use of moisturizer is essential to keep the skin moist. In the most exposed areas, such as the face and hands, apply moisturizers several times a day. Do not forget to use facial serum and hyaluronic acid creams for better hydration. For example, Lierac moisturizers offer solutions for all needs.

Wash your face only once a day
To avoid drying out your skin with facial cleansers that require washing your face, wash your face only once a day, preferably using a moisturizing facial cleanser that does not dry out the skin. For the rest of your cleanse, use a hydrating facial cleanser.

Exfoliate the skin in moderation
The last thing dry, dehydrated skin needs is a harsh, abrasive scrub. That is why you have to exfoliate in moderation. Also, if you notice flaking or redness when exfoliating it is necessary to switch to a gentler exfoliation formula. You should also avoid the most abrasive cleaning tools and use others that are more respectful of the skin.

Use a humidifier
At home, even in the office, use a humidifier that maintains the humidity of the environment which, due to the heating, inevitably dries out.

Drink a lot of water
Drinking water when it’s cold is just as important as when it’s hot. Any type of liquid helps you stay hydrated, but preferably you have to drink water. Infusions and broths are also good (very hot they help to warm up).

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