Bladder Cancer Signs Many May Regret Not Identifying Sooner

Bladder cancer may catch anyone off guard. And although your GYN care is perfectly regular it can still affect a number of people especially men and patients over the age of 65. When all is said and done, don’t let the statistics fool and learn to point the symptoms out.

The number of women with bladder cancer exceeds 17,000 a year in the U.S. It is further reported by The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network that it is highly probable for women to be diagnosed at relatively late stages of cancer since early signs usually go unnoticed. Don’t miss these Signs Of Bladder Cancer.

Thus, keeping a vigilant eye on the early signs could disturb the hasty course of your cancer and save your life.
Dr. Paul Littman provides precious information about these symptoms that you might have contracted and didn’t know were signs of bladder cancer. The next pages reveals more.


Blood in the urine

This is the best known early symptom of bladder cancer. This especially hard for women to notice since it is pretty sporadic , painless and can often be mistaken for menopause or menstruation.

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