Arthritis in Foot and Ankle

An aged individual will have higher odds of developing foot and ankle arthritis. Scientifically, joint damage can cause physical changes, pain, and swelling in your ankles and feet. There are several types of symptoms that signify the onset of foot and ankle arthritis. Some of these symptoms include the following:

Pain while moving from one area to another
Tenderness in the joints
Trouble while walking and moving
Warmth, swelling, and joint stiffness
Persistent swelling and pain after sleeping or sitting
Types of Foot and Ankle Arthritis
Based on science, arthritis is a term that comprises various diseases. Mostly, arthritis involves severe pain, swelling, and inflammation within your joints and soft tissues. In the long term, your joints will wear down because your cartilage will be affected. Therefore, your bones will cause friction between each other, thus causing wear and tear. Below are key types of foot and ankle arthritis:


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